Doctor's Radical New
P.R.I.M.E. Protocol Biologically
Restores Your Body To Its
Sexual Peak In Just 10 Days

WARNING: Effects include fully-hard erections
in 5 minutes, your libido strengthening 91%, and your
penis growing measurably longer and thicker
starting in just 10 days.

Interviewer: “When senior men use this doctor’s new P.R.I.M.E. Protocol, they all receive this warning

Be prepared for when your body gets biologically reset to its sexual peak…

“Because when your erections become almost uncontrollable, it may be too shocking for you and your spouse.

“In fact, you’ll soon hear from one man whose erection got so much bigger in just 10 days, his wife warned him to be careful when they have sex.

“This shockingly-effective protocol doesn’t require any exercise or changes to your diet. Yet it’s so powerful, you’ll achieve longer, thicker, rock-hard erections in just 5 minutes.

“But that’s just the beginning. Because this protocol biologically resets the entire male body, it automatically helps…

“Restore your muscle strength…

“Soothe your joint pain and improve your sleep…

“Increase your energy 73%…

“Burn fat automatically…

“Enlarge your bicep muscles by almost a full inch…

“Boost your male sexual hormone testosterone an amazing 47% as if you’re 46 years younger…

“Drive your libido up a staggering 91%...

“Double how fast you achieve a rock-hard erection…

“Double how many erections you’ll achieve per night…

“And even thickens and lengthens your erection by half an inch… starting in just 10 days.

“This protocol’s scientific properties may sound too good to be true. Or almost dangerous… but, as you’re about to see, the way it works is astoundingly healthy.

“The protocol was developed by Dr. Richard Gerhauser, a controversial Medical Doctor who’s been practicing medicine for over 3 decades.

“His new breakthrough is now known as the P.R.I.M.E. Protocol. Many are calling it the first scientifically-backed way to help completely restore a senior man to his youth. Here’s Dr. Gerhauser to explain how it works.”

Dr. Gerhauser: “There are only 3 differences… I repeat, only 3 differences between a strong, virile 20-year-old man and a weak, frail 70-year-old man…

“1: Your hormone levels…

“2: How strong your blood flow is…

“And… 3: The proper chemistry in your brain. These 3 factors control your muscle strength, your energy, how your joints feel, your sexual health, how sharp your thinking is, and your real age.

“That means if you’re a man over the age of 70, 80, or 90 and you want to get younger, you must reset your primary male hormones, your blood flow, and your brain chemistry. And now we can. That’s exactly what this Protocol does.”

Interviewer: “Dr. Gerhauser’s message to men who want to use P.R.I.M.E. is simple: Be careful… because you will be shocked by how fast it reverses your age and restores your sexual vigor.”

Dr. Gerhauser: “As a practicing physician, I urge men to carefully consider if they’re ready for the P.R.I.M.E. Protocol. It could trigger a rapid, powerful increase in your testosterone and other hormones. With that said, here’s how it works.

“It helps reverse your age in 3 phases. The first phase resets your most powerful sexual hormones back to when you were half your age. The second phase enhances your blood flow. The third phase optimizes your brain chemistry.

“When all 3 phases are complete, you could be biologically restored to less than half your age.

“This is simply the most powerful solution ever developed for resetting a man’s physical and sexual health. And it helps restore you to your sexual peak in 10 days.”

Interviewer: “Because this Protocol biologically forces your body to get younger, you might be shocked by the changes. Science shows you can even help protect your prostate and restore your hairline. Dr. Gerhauser himself is living proof of how it reverses age for men.”

Dr. Gerhauser: “I’m 66 years old. My son is a 25-year-old college athlete. But I could walk out the door right now and beat him in a footrace. I hunt elk in the Colorado wilderness and I can carry back my 400-pound prize, by myself. I lift weights, have the energy of a teenager, and I still run my busy medical practice. I’m in better shape now than I was 40 years ago.”

Interviewer: “Perhaps the most amazing part of Dr. Gerhauser’s P.R.I.M.E. Protocol is how easy and simple it is. Its 3 phases don’t require any exercise or changing the foods you eat.

“To show you how the P.R.I.M.E. Protocol works and how you can use it for yourself, we’re turning things over to Dr. Gerhauser’s lead researcher, Christine Cook.”

Hi, I’m Christine. Now that you know that the P.R.I.M.E. Protocol can help restore you to your sexual peak in just 10 days…

Let’s have a private conversation about what it takes to thoroughly sexually satisfy a younger woman like me.

Yes, I’m being a little forward. Maybe too forward for you. If this is too intense for you, please by all means, close this window and say goodbye. Because what I’m about to share – the P.R.I.M.E. Protocol – is only for certain men…

If you’re not okay having the power to sexually satisfy any woman… then this isn’t for you…

man kneeling to tie his shoelace during an outdoor run on a sunny day

If you don’t like the idea of a simple protocol helping grow your muscles stronger, chiseling you a younger body, giving you back your energy, and making your erections as hard as they used to be… starting in just 10 days…

Then this isn’t for you.

If you’re not comfortable getting extra attention from beautiful, younger women then this is definitely not for you…

And we should part ways.

Because I’m about to show you everything. You’re about to see all the proof behind the P.R.I.M.E. Protocol. But I’ll warn you…

When it begins resetting your brain and body at the cellular level, you could experience changes that might shock and even scare you.

The sad truth is, some seniors are so used to living in a weaker body… riddled with pain from overworked joints… no energy… and their sex drive like a dead battery…

That a massive, sudden change – like springing to life in 5 minutes with a harder, larger erection

Feeling 73% more energy…

Seeing your muscles growing bigger and stronger every time you look in the mirror…

Feeling your libido rocket 91% higher and hotter

Can be worrisome. Even intimidating…

Like walking around with a fully-loaded AR-15 and not knowing what to do with it.

Not every man can handle this – both the power and the attention you’ll receive – and there’s no shame in admitting that restoring your sexual prime isn’t for you…

But if you’re still here, I’m glad… let’s see if you can still keep up with me

As I was saying, satisfying a woman like me isn’t easy.

In the past, it was impossible for an older man to truly give me what I need. After all, when you get older, you can lose your energy, your strength, your sex drive, and when your erections begin to disappoint, you feel like half a man.

But thanks to Dr. Gerhauser’s P.R.I.M.E. Protocol, that’s not how aging works anymore…

When you take advantage of its 3 phases, it’s now possible to completely reset your body to your sexual peak. And satisfy a woman like me. Even if you’re over 80.

Now, before we get to the proof and show you how to do it, you must understand P.R.I.M.E. doesn’t merely help enhance your sex drive or put a little extra heat into your love life…

It helps completely restore your body
to its turbo-charged sexual peak

It hits the reset button on your body. As soon as you begin, you can start counting down this 10-day reset process like a countdown timer for liftoff.

Because in just 10 days, P.R.I.M.E. helps automatically program your body to reset back to when your sexual passion burned so white hot, you could barely control yourself in the bedroom

When your energy and confidence had zero limits…

When you could chug a six-pack of beer, enjoy a whole pizza, grab your girlfriend as she giggled with delight, toss her over your shoulder, carry her to your bedroom, and show her the night of her life…

man sweeping his girlfriend off her feet and holding her in his arms

Remember when you felt that way, like you could live forever?

According to the old science, once you reach a certain age, that feeling… and that fun… is just a distant memory. A painful fantasy you think you’ll never get to enjoy…

But that’s the old, outdated science.

Thanks to a new scientific breakthrough, we can finally target the 3 specific factors that make a sad, old man young and virile again…

Completely reversing the aging process.

This breakthrough has been perfected into a 3-phase protocol. Phase 1 resets your hormones. Phase 2 resets your blood flow. Phase 3 resets your brain chemistry.

When all 3 phases are complete, your body,
your sexual performance, and your sex drive
will never be the same

The best part is, you don’t need to change how you live your life. You don’t need to go through any complicated procedures.

All 3 phases of P.R.I.M.E. have been integrated into a simple, easy-to-do protocol.

Imagine this…

You make a single change to your routine. It’s not exercise, or a new diet, or anything stressful or complicated.

You don’t expect any sudden changes… but by the very next day, you feel more relaxed. The nagging stress that used to drain your energy is gone. Instead, you feel confident. Like you’ve got a little more swagger to your step

But that’s just the beginning

As a few days go by, you start feeling amazing changes inside

More energy. You feel good for no particular reason.

Then you start getting that familiar stirring beneath your beltline.

And it’s more than a feeling…

In just 10 days, you start
enjoying rock-hard erections

You have them when you wake up. You get them during the day. Sometimes when you might not even want them!

Very soon, your libido feels almost out of control… in that wonderful way you and your spouse have so dearly missed

In 30 days, you realize your nearly constant erections aren’t just harder… but bigger. You almost can’t believe your eyes… and neither can your spouse

Maybe you bust out a measuring tape or maybe not. But if you did, you’d find you’re a full ½ inch bigger… both longer and thicker

There’s more…

You’re even getting deeper and more refreshing sleep. You can’t tell if it’s because your sex life has kicked up several notches and you need more recovery, or if your body is going through a bigger upgrade than you thought…

Then you realize your joints feel smoother and more pain-free when you move. Even when you do things that used to bother you, like working in your garden or enjoying a day of golf

You’re not gaining weight like you did before,
even though you’re enjoying more, tastier foods

One morning, you look in the mirror and do a double-take

“No way!” you say out loud…

Because you see your biceps are almost a full inch thicker. Your body is carving itself new muscle as if you were a marble sculpture.

It’s like you’re starring in a science fiction movie. But it’s real

You can’t deny it. You feel and look like you’re 20 years old again.

But that’s not all…

Just when you think you’re getting used to reversing your age, you could start noticing thicker, more youthful hair on your head when you look in the mirror!

It’s almost eerie… but wonderfully true. “Goodness gracious,” you think, “…how is this even possible?

I’ll show you right now. It may sound hard to believe. Just a few years ago, this wasn’t possible. But thanks to Dr. Gerhauser’s P.R.I.M.E. breakthrough, it is absolutely real and available to you.

I’ll show you all 3 phases and how to activate them.

I’ll also show you a special surprise health benefit of this Protocol that’s almost beyond belief

First, here’s how Dr. Gerhauser was able to create this breakthrough protocol.

Headshot photo of Dr. Richard Gerhauser

As you heard before, he’s 66 years old and has been practicing medicine for over 3 decades.

He’s also board-certified and holds 2 Master’s Degrees.

But as you can probably tell, he’s far from your ordinary doctor…

And he’s definitely far from your ordinary senior man approaching his 7th decade!

Even though he can collect Social Security…

20-year-old athletes would get buried by the heavy weights Dr. Gerhauser can lift – and they’d collapse trying to keep up with his endurance feats.

The fact is, Dr. Gerhauser is in better shape now than he was 40 years ago.

Headshot photo of Dr. Richard Gerhauser

His secret is the P.R.I.M.E. Protocol.

Dr. Gerhauser discovered this protocol while practicing medicine at the famous Canyon Ranch Medical Center.

Celebrities and multi-millionaires flew to see him from all over the world to receive secret treatments the average person doesn’t have access to.

He pioneered the science of optimizing hormones to restore a man’s youthful health.

In fact, Dr. Gerhauser’s ability to naturally raise testosterone in men over the age of 50 was one of his most jealously-guarded secrets.

His breakthrough came when he discovered men already have all the proper hormones to have the sex drive and performance of a 20-year-old… even if they’re 80 years old.

They can even have the blood flow and erection strength of a younger man.

It all comes down to biologically unleashing this pent-up power.

As you’re about to see, that’s how P.R.I.M.E. helps restore you to your sexual peak. It activates what is already waiting dormant in your body.

For many years, Dr. Gerhauser has run his own busy medical center in Arizona. All this time, he’s been quietly testing and perfecting his system.

Now, he’s ready to bring this age-reversing breakthrough to men who can handle it.

Let’s dive into exactly what the P.R.I.M.E. Protocol is and how you can use it to help restore your body to its sexual peak in 10 days.

As you know, P.R.I.M.E. transforms you in 3 phases.

The first phase helps
reset your most powerful sexual hormones
back to when you were half your age

The second phase enhances your blood flow. The third phase optimizes your brain chemistry.

The first letter in P.R.I.M.E. stands for Peak Hormones – and that’s Phase 1.

P.R.I.M.E. enhances several of your hormones but the most important is your testosterone.

You might have heard of testosterone before. Basically, it’s the King Kong of hormones.

When you hit puberty, your testosterone levels explode.

You grow stronger, more muscular, get a deeper voice, and your sex drive ignites. When you were a young man in your 20s, testosterone was how you got to enjoy constant energy and a body that felt bulletproof.

You could polish off three cheeseburgers for dinner, have a few drinks, amazing sex with your girlfriend…

man holding his girlfriend in his arms, her legs wrapped around his waist

Sleep just a few hours and do it all again the next day. Without gaining an ounce of fat. Without worrying about how you’d perform in bed. And without worrying about tomorrow.

Here’s what the new science has uncovered. You could enjoy all this not because your age was a specific number

But because of how high your testosterone was.

This powerful hormone commanded your body to stay fit, strong, and excited for sex… no matter what.

But as I’m sure you’ve felt, those days seem to be long gone.

That’s because your testosterone levels fall 1% per year. Which may not sound like much…

But it adds up. Just like how a young, fit athlete can add “only” a pound or two of body fat per year… but end up flabby and overweight by middle age.

By the time you’re 70 years old, your testosterone could be cut in half from when you enjoyed your sexual peak.

graph showing testosterone levels at age 70 are half of what they were at age 35

Then, feeling like you’re “half the man you used to be” isn’t just a sad cliché…

It’s your biological reality.

When you begin to lose your testosterone, you also lose your energy, your motivation, your fun… and your six-pack abs get buried under layers of flabby belly fat.

You’d rather watch TV than watch your wife give you a fun strip tease.

Your bulging muscles begin to disappear and you’re frustrated by your overworked joints. Just like your grandfather and his friends used to be… and you swore you’d never grow old like them

At this point, you might be thinking the solution is to raise your testosterone back up. That’s half true.

For decades, scientists have tinkered in their labs, trying to raise testosterone in older men. But they never solved the puzzle because they were looking at it the wrong way.


Dr. Gerhauser’s 1st Phase of P.R.I.M.E.
solved everything

You see, your testosterone doesn’t disappear into thin air as you get older…

Instead, it gets locked away.

As the years go by, your body keeps more and more of your testosterone hidden under lock and key.

It’s all because of another hormone called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin or SHBG.

SHBG chemically imprisons your testosterone so it can’t strengthen your muscles, sex drive, or performance in bed.

Almost as if it quietly neuters you.

This is biologically true. By the time you’re past 60… SHBG locks up so much of your testosterone that it’s almost like you get chemically castrated to become a female.

You see, scientists in Australia found your SHBG can rise up to 60% from the time you're 35 to when you're over 75.

And get this… women’s SHBG levels are naturally 100% higher than healthy men’s.

graph showing women's SHBG levels as being naturally 100% higher than men's levels

So, as yours keeps rising… you could eventually get near female territory.

SHBG is also horrible for your overall health. Scientists in The Netherlands studied SHBG and found that, if you’re a man over the age of 50, high levels are associated with…

Weak muscles…

Too much body fat…

And even aging bones.

And if you haven’t done anything to stop it, SHBG has already strangled your testosterone.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is, your testosterone is still alive and waiting to be unleashed.

That’s the secret behind Phase 1 of P.R.I.M.E.

It uses a specific compound that
helps shut down your SHBG

As a result, all the changes your body went through as you got older… reverse themselves.

Your testosterone gets released and comes flooding back

You restore your muscle strength without exercise…

Your joints feel better because testosterone even improves joint health…

Your energy increases 73%…

Your biceps grow by almost a full inch…

Your libido rises a staggering 91%...

All starting in just 10 days.

This has now been proven in multiple studies on real men…

First, scientists gave this compound to men, in a small clinical study. They got to try it for just 21 days

Yet when they were quizzed, the men admitted their sex life started absolutely sizzling.

The men confirmed this compound
rocketed their libido a full 91% hotter

Again, these men had no idea what they were taking. They didn’t change their diets at all, or start some exercise program. The only change they made, was taking this compound.

Imagine being able to pleasure your wife with lamp-shaking, headboard-breaking, satisfying sex… powered by a libido that’s raging 91% stronger.

Then, a study of over 100 men revealed something shocking. Scientists conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel group study. They did everything they could to prove this compound truly worked for men…

And they got more than they bargained for.

Yes, the men’s sex drive and erection strength returned like an unstoppable tidal wave. But something else happened to them…

The men who took this compound,
and who were overweight…
lost more belly fat than those taking the placebo!

And they weren’t even trying to lose weight.

Other scientists have reported from a small study that, when combined with exercise, this P.R.I.M.E. Phase 1 Compound helps build muscle too, enlarging bicep muscles by a full inch.

Imagine taking a simple compound, doing nothing else, and enjoying your wife squeezing your bigger, harder arms as you flex in the mirror.

It could even increase your energy 73%, help your joints feel better, and improve your sleep, as users have reported.

photograph of active senior couple on a walk outdoors on a sunny day

Now, I understand if that seems surprising – or a little too good to be true. But remember, when you unleash your testosterone… when you reset your body to its sexual peak… that’s how it responds.

Your body cannot help but burn fat and build muscle.

You’ll trigger a near-magical reversal to every single depressing change you’ve suffered through as you’ve gotten older…

Your flabbier midsection…

Your belly fat…

Your fatigue…

Could all begin to disappear as they’re replaced by harder muscles, a flatter belly, and all-day energy.

And, of course…

You’ll become that
tiger in the bedroom you once were

(And your wife dearly longs for.)

So, how is this scientifically possible?

It all comes down to what you learned earlier. Science has already confirmed men have strong muscles, washboard abs, unlimited energy, and a powerful sex drive because of their testosterone.

Unfortunately, the hormone SHBG begins to trap and lock away your testosterone as you get older.

But that’s where the P.R.I.M.E. Phase 1 Compound comes to the rescue.

It can shut down your SHBG.

This causes a prison escape for your pent-up testosterone. Your powerful male hormone finally floods your system again.

Science shows you could boost your testosterone 47%. Then…

Because you lowered your SHBG, your free testosterone boosts up to a full 73% in just 21 days

This is crucial because when your testosterone is free, it can get to work on your body.

Then… the biological reset process begins. Automatically.

That’s how Phase 1 of P.R.I.M.E. works.

No complicated procedures. No changing your diet. No exercise.

And once your testosterone gets unleashed, the chain reaction is unstoppable.

You’ll feel your animal desire return in the bedroom…

And your spouse will be amazed at the ride you take her on. With your libido up an insane 91%, it’ll be the ride of her life.

As the days go by, you’ll enjoy bigger and bigger changes. Because this male reset process helps…

Restore your muscle strength without exercise…

Soothe your joint discomfort…

Improve your sleep…

Increase your energy 73%…

Burn fat automatically…

Improve your mood 82%, according to user reports...

Enlarge your bicep muscles by almost a full inch…

Boost your free testosterone levels by up to an amazing 73%…

And, drive your libido up a staggering 91%.

In fact,

Your testosterone could rocket so high,
it will be like you’re 46 years younger

It’s because of the P.R.I.M.E. Phase 1 testosterone chain reaction.

This chain reaction, quite simply, helps biologically restore you to the younger you.

What’s amazing is, results can come much faster than this. When men went through just Phase 1 of P.R.I.M.E. with some exercise, they got results in just 24 hours.

This means you could feel results overnight.

This amazing compound is called Eurycoma longifolia. It’s found deep in the jungles of Malaysia – and this advanced, concentrated version is protected by a patent (patent #7,132,117).

However, Dr. Gerhauser managed to secure a supply so he could make it Phase 1 of his P.R.I.M.E. Protocol.

Then, by working with top-notch facilities, Dr. Gerhauser managed to include this compound in his P.R.I.M.E. pill.

Bottle of AndroCore - A Dietary Supplement for Men 50 years and older

This pill is called AndroCore™.

Bottle of AndroCore - A Dietary Supplement for Men 50 years and older

AndroCore contains Dr. Gerhauser’s private patient formula – the P.R.I.M.E. Protocol – for resetting men to their sexual peak.

It’s BRAND-NEW… and it’s available ONLY here.

Now keep in mind…

Everything you just heard… bigger muscles, 73% more energy, a 91% stronger sex drive… is just the 1st phase of P.R.I.M.E. and only the 1st part of this amazing pill.

This is the next generation of ageless health for men and you deserve to know about it.

Before we go on, I need to be clear. AndroCore is NOT for just any man.

Even though it’s easy to use – just 2 capsules in the morning – AndroCore is not like any pill you’ve taken or heard about.

The pills may look the same as others you’ve taken before… but this is in a completely different class.

A whole different category… simply because of what P.R.I.M.E. does to the male body.

To be clear, AndroCore is not a cheap formula to create.

Its 3 phases are made up of almost a dozen complex, cutting-edge scientific nutrients.

Someday, the science behind AndroCore’s P.R.I.M.E. may become cheap and readily available. Perhaps something similar can be created for women. But that’s almost certainly still decades away.

This is brand-new… and…

AndroCore is currently the only way to
experience the power of P.R.I.M.E. for yourself

So if you are ready to biologically restore your body to its sexual peak – and show your spouse what it’s like to be in bed with the younger you – then keep reading.

And for reasons I’ll discuss in a moment, AndroCore is available only through this page. Beware of imposters claiming they possess this formula.

The good news is, you don’t need a prescription for it. But for a long time, the bad news was… only Dr. Gerhauser’s medical center patients could get this formula.

However, we came up with a way for senior men across America to help biologically restore their sexual peak. Yes, without flying to Dr. Gerhauser’s practice for an appointment with him.

That’s because we’ve decided to release the P.R.I.M.E. formula on a limited basis to men over the age of 50, who are ready to use the future of ageless male health to help restore their sexual peak in just 10 days.

So, let’s dive into exactly how AndroCore works:

It contains everything you need to complete all 3 phases of P.R.I.M.E.

First, as you know, the P.R.I.M.E. Phase 1 Compound helps shut down your SHBG, so you unleash your full levels of testosterone. Just like when you were an 18-year-old. The Phase 1 Compound is protected by United States Patent #7,132,117.

Now, that’s just the first of AndroCore P.R.I.M.E.’s 3 phases

But if you want to completely reset your body to its sexual peak… and I’m talking about your entire body, including your erection, then you need Phase 2.

Phase 2 is the R in P.R.I.M.E. which stands for:

Restoring your blood flow…

Here’s why this is so important:

When P.R.I.M.E.’s Phase 2 compound
enters your system, it doubles how fast you
achieve a rock-hard erection

Not only that, it helps increase how thick and long your erection is by half an inch.

Here’s how:

Remember when you were a teenager, when your erections appeared so suddenly… it was almost too much of a good thing?

Maybe you remember trying to hide your erections in math class and praying you didn’t get called to the front of the class.

But, as you got older, you’ve probably experienced the other side of this, which is no fun at all…

Getting cozy in bed with your wife… kissing… touching… and feeling her get more and more excited and wanting you more and more…

But you get more and more nervous as you realize you aren’t responding like you used to.

You know how the rest goes.

It’s painful to see your wife’s disappointment, especially when she hides it behind a polite smile.

But let me assure you, it’s not “all in your head.”

It’s not because you don’t want to perform.

And scientists have found, after decades of research, that it’s not your fault.

Here’s the truth: It all comes down to blood flow

Your blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, organs – every part of your body…

And it’s also crucial for your erections.

In fact, blood flow causes your erections. When blood pumps into your penis, it gets engorged… and you know the rest.

atristic rendering of red blood cells flowing through a blood vessel

This began to lead scientists towards the answer. They realized that if they could restore an older man’s blood flow

Then even senior men could enjoy the same near-instant, redwood-strong erections that last and last and keep coming back for more.

For decades, the puzzle seemed impossible to solve. But then the breakthrough was made…

Now, remember how scientists were just as puzzled over how to restore testosterone? And how the key is to unleash the testosterone you already have?

Well, it’s the same for your blood flow… and your erections.

You see…

Your body is perfectly capable of having
a rock-hard erection right this instant

Just like when you were 18 years old.

I understand if that seems crazy at first. After all, back then you could barely stop having erections.

Nowadays, it feels like you can never get those rock-hard erections when you truly want them…

But here’s the new breakthrough:

Groundbreaking research from Vanderbilt University’s School of Medicine has found the cause. It’s a certain enzyme called PDE5.

PDE5’s job is simple. It stops you from getting a rock-hard erection by blocking a steady blood flow to your penis.

PDE5 is why you can desperately want to have sex… and try to will yourself to have sex… but when PDE5 is activated… you can’t have the amazing sex you deserve.

Just like you can’t get a powerful flow of water from your sink unless you turn the knob all the way…

And that’s where Phase 2 of the P.R.I.M.E. Protocol comes in.

It’s a compound that helps shut down PDE5.

That’s right –

Phase 2 turns OFF the exact enzyme that prevents you from having the powerful, unstoppable erections of a teenager

And Phase 2’s power isn’t just theory. It’s already been confirmed with a clinical study. Here’s the proof:

Scientists recruited men to test out P.R.I.M.E.’s Phase 2 compound.

With an average age of 65, these were not young guys. Instead, they were like millions of older guys in America. They had trouble achieving rock-hard erections…

And not even in their wildest dreams did they think their erections could get bigger.

But their world, and the scientific world, was about to change…

The scientists gave some of the men this special compound. Other men got a placebo.

The small study was double-blind, as well as placebo-controlled – which is the absolute gold standard in scientific research. Nobody knew if they were getting the real treatment.

Not only that, but these men were receiving only P.R.I.M.E.’s Phase 2 compound. They were not getting Phase 1 or 3.

With that said, here’s what happened…

The scientists showed the volunteers some sexy footage on a television screen, to turn the men on.

If you think that’s strange, it’s about to get a little crazier…

Because while the men watched this footage, they had to wear special measuring devices on their private parts…

To see how BIG their erections got!


Can you imagine going through an experiment like this? With that kind of embarrassment and pressure to perform… it’d be nearly impossible to feel turned on at all!

But something shocking happened…

As you can probably guess, the men who got the placebo treatment didn’t feel any different. They had trouble “getting it up” faster and they remained just as small “down there.” Double ouch.

But, after 30 days, the men who got the special P.R.I.M.E. Phase 2 compound had a completely different, shocking experience. For these older men, it was something magical.


They achieved full, powerful erections
in just 5 minutes

Yes, even as the scientists watched them… and even with a monitoring device strapped to their genitals… the Phase 2 Compound caused the older men to spring to life like horny teenagers!

It was as if the Phase 2 Compound practically forced their erections to appear, like an emperor ordering a servant to perform…

Not only that, but their erections were bigger.

Yes, bigger than ever before.

Both longer and a full half-inch thicker.

The devices had a precise measuring capability, just to make sure.

And it confirmed that the men were bigger.

What if the same thing happened for you? How big of a difference will this make for your love life?

What if you could get a rock-hard erection whenever you’re in the mood

And also be BIGGER than you’ve ever been before?

Ask any woman…

Because if she’s being honest, she’ll lean close and whisper in your ear…

“Making love with a man who’s half an inch thicker than average, a man who can completely satisfy me… it’s like a whole different experience. Something I’ll never forget… and will always crave.”

Especially if her man is ready for action in as little as 5 minutes. She’ll never think about younger guys again. Or any other man again!

Smiling woman hugging her boyfriend as he kisses her on the cheek

She’ll want only you… and she’ll do anything it takes to have you.

That’s how P.R.I.M.E.’s Phase 2 Compound works.

Scientifically, it helps flip your PDE5 switch off and boosts your blood flow through the roof.

This automatically forces you fully erect so you can please your woman like no other man has.

In fact…

Phase 2 helps turn off your PDE5 switch so effectively, your erection will actually get bigger

Scientists confirmed it will get longer and half an inch thicker.

Yes – not only will this restore your ability to have a rock-hard erection…

But when you take it for just 30 days, you could be ready for action in 5 minutes!

And you’ll sport an eye-popping erection so big, it will mesmerize your wife.

Imagine being able to make love whenever the mood strikes you. Or wherever

The kitchen… the living room… somewhere outside your house

When you need only 5 minutes to be ready for action, lovemaking will feel fun again. So will your marriage. Don’t be surprised if your wife starts bragging to her friends about the BIG improvement in your relationship.

Like it turned into a never-ending honeymoon. Remember that? It can be yours again.

No more embarrassing nights… No more avoiding sex…

Once you go through Phase 2, you’ll be that wild 20-year-old again. The man that women can’t help but whisper about…

Especially when you’re achieving raring-to-go erections in just 5 minutes that are bigger than ever.

With your blood flow reset, you’ll get to
enjoy the best sexual years of your life, again

I’ll only deliver this one caution. When you were young, your erections came so easily, you were probably a little embarrassed by how often you had them.

Please keep in mind, you might experience this problem again. When you complete Phase 2 of P.R.I.M.E., be mindful of public places…

Because when your libido is 91% hotter… and your blood flow is so powerful you can achieve, bigger, longer erections in just 5 minutes, you need to be cautious. I’ll leave it at that… and let some early test users of P.R.I.M.E.’s Phase 2 speak for themselves (I’m withholding names to keep their privacy):

“I noticed an improvement in thickness and it’s harder. After about 10 days, my erections were harder and my wife said, ‘You are bigger – be careful,’ which was music to my ears. My sex life has improved as I now get hard when I want to. Please don’t stop making it!”

User #1

“It’s a bit scary. I can recall a couple of exchanges in person with women where I walked away feeling as though we had talked on a level that could have gone further than business.”

User #2

“After taking this for three weeks, there has been an increase in length, strength, and thickness.”

User #3

When Dr. Gerhauser reviewed the early reports he received…

And saw how these experiences were verified with gold standard medical research…

He knew this was the blood flow breakthrough older men have been waiting for…


He made sure to include a
FULL dose of the P.R.I.M.E. Phase 2 Compound
in his AndroCore formula

Just this phase of P.R.I.M.E. by itself could revolutionize how we have sex in America. Jump on this before everyone else. Don’t get left behind…

Because it doesn’t matter how much you’ve yearned for better sex…

It doesn’t matter how ashamed and depressed you feel about lovemaking now…

Dr. Gerhauser has verified the Phase 2 Compound will help give you rock-hard erections in just 5 minutes… and make you bigger, longer, and thicker.

Now, before we move on to quickly cover Phase 3, there’s one more thing you should know about Phase 2…

Scientists gave men a dose of the Phase 2 Compound and measured their metabolism. Now, your metabolism controls how much energy your body makes and uses.

Even better, your metabolism makes this energy from your body fat. So, if you can crank up your metabolism for more energy, it can help burn your belly fat. Sounds good, right?

Of course, the opposite is true. If your metabolism is sluggish, your energy stays low and you’re doomed to being overweight.

So, what happened when scientists gave men a tiny bit of P.R.I.M.E.’s Phase 2 Compound?

It jacked up their metabolism.

The men got more energy… more stamina… and it was powered by their new, younger metabolisms

And when you combine this with all the intense sex you’ll be having…

Don’t be surprised when fat practically melts off your body, right before your eyes.

Okay, one more warning before we cover Phase 3, and this is IMPORTANT:

When your body goes through the changes that P.R.I.M.E. delivers… things might get a little awkward between you and your friends.

After all, your buddies – and everyone else you see at the club or church – probably aren’t enjoying red-hot adventures in the bedroom.

Of course, they’re not going to admit anything out loud

But they’ve probably given up. They’ve decided the best years of their lives – and their sexual peak – are now distant memories.

It’s sad – and completely crazy now that P.R.I.M.E. exists – but it’s true. So, here’s your fair warning:

When your body resets to its sexual peak, you’ll need to keep the changes your body goes through private.

Some of them, you simply won’t be able to hide. Other than perhaps wearing looser clothing to hide your new, muscular body.

Now, your friends might notice something’s different about you when…

There’s an extra spring in your step because your joint health has improved 70%…

You’re bouncing around with 73% more energy…

Your larger muscles are peeking through your shirts, even when you try not to show them off…

And you’re broadcasting a more confident, powerful vibe now that your free levels of your male sexual hormone testosterone has risen up to an amazing 73%.

Let’s just say you might get some double-takes and extra attention. Especially from younger women…

Of course, your 91% higher libido will be obvious to your spouse. But let’s face it – you’ll feel amazing when you show off a longer, thicker erection for both of you to enjoy.

I hope 10 short days is enough time for you to prepare for your new life.

Smiling couple laying on bed

With that said, let’s finish the breakdown of how P.R.I.M.E. works.

We’ve covered the first 2 Phases of restoring your body to your sexual peak.

First, you shut down your SHBG hormone, so you can unleash your maximum levels of testosterone. Your sex drive, energy, and even your muscle tone could return in just days…

Then you shut down your PDE5 so you can enjoy the same powerful erections you had as a teenager. In fact, with the special Phase 2 Compound, they’ll come back faster and bigger than ever…

At this point, you’re ready for Phase 3 – the final phase.

Phase 3 is the I in P.R.I.M.E. which stands for optimizing the Internal chemistry in your brain.

That’s right, it’s time to switch the focus from your body to your brain

Because it turns out, men whose brains are wired a certain way… overflow with masculine sexual confidence and energy.

It’s the unmistakable dominant male energy that all women crave yet very few men possess.

Think Sinatra. Marlon Brando. Sean Connery as James Bond. Women swooned over these guys… even as the men aged into their 60s, 70s, and 80s. It wasn’t because they were built like perfect bodybuilders…

They radiated alpha male confidence

And cutting-edge science is showing 2 things:

  1. This sort of confidence is directly tied to better performance in bed.
  2. YOU can now have access to this power.

The secret is Phase 3 of the P.R.I.M.E. Protocol.

This is completely different from any remedy that merely changes your body. It’s the revolutionary secret sauce that makes P.R.I.M.E. game-changing for men over the age of 50.

Phase 3 works directly on your brain so you can feel like the powerful, confident, young you again

Specifically, it helps trigger a surge of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter in your brain. Dopamine works with your brain’s pleasure and reward systems.

I’ll keep the science to a minimum and simply say this will turn you into a sex machine.

At this point, you’ll complete all 3 P.R.I.M.E. phases of restoring you to your sexual peak.

This was proven in two clinical studies. In the first, men took 200 mg of the Phase 3 Compound by itself for just 10 days – and on the final day, they took a double-dose. They changed absolutely nothing else about their lives. And yet, after only 10 days they reported…

Their libido jumped up 60%...

Their orgasms were 70% more pleasurable…


Their hardness improved a full 80%...

They even started enjoying twice as many erections night after night.

But that was just the beginning…

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study – the gold standard of clinical research – scientists gave the Phase 3 Compound to married men. Then, the men reported their results.

All of the men were having trouble in the bedroom. And after the study was over, the men who got the placebo kept having trouble. Almost everyone in that group felt ZERO improvement in their erections…

But the ones who got Phase 3 had the complete opposite result

In fact,

In the group who got the Phase 3 Compound…
800% more men had harder,
longer lasting erections

And had more stamina in bed compared to the placebo group.

All because of the way Phase 3 helps restore your dopamine.

Just imagine this for a moment…

You’re walking through a store with your wife, running an errand.

As she grabs another item and tosses it in the cart, you smile to yourself… saunter closer to her… lean down to whisper in her ear

And within moments, you’re both rushing to pay and jump in your car.

As you easily weave through traffic, you smile even more. Not just because you’re about to enjoy some steaming hot daytime love-making…

And not just because your wife is practically drooling over you because of how confident you are…

And not just because your erections are now a jaw-dropping 80% harder and you’re getting twice as many per night…

But because you’re not even slightly worried about your performance. Not even a teeny-tiny bit. Heck, you laugh at the idea now. You feel like you’re in your 20s again and the only “problem” you have is scheduling enough time for sex…

And sometimes ending your shopping trips early, to rush home with your wife!

Cute couple snuggling on the sofa

You get home, and before you can even make it to the bedroom, you grab your wife and lead her straight to the couch.

The neighbors might hear both of you… or even see you. But it’s worth it.

Like you’re on a perpetual honeymoon. Without a care in the world. And you’re doing things in the bedroom – or on the couch – that younger guys could only dream of.

Life starts feeling absolutely magical. Other people sense the difference in you. It really is an amazing feeling…

And it can be yours in just 10 days. This can be your “new normal.” Because Dr. Gerhauser secured a supply of P.R.I.M.E.’s Phase 3 Compound and is including it in AndroCore.

With all 3 Phases…

Peak hormones…

Restoring your blood flow…

And optimizing the Internal chemistry in your brain…

You’ll get to the M in P.R.I.M.E. which stands for the total reset of your Male youthfulness

We’re just about ready to show how you can reserve your supply of the full P.R.I.M.E.-Powered AndroCore formula.

Except… Dr. Gerhauser realized it wasn’t quite complete

To make AndroCore a solution that covers all bases, he realized his formula needed to help protect men from a hidden cause of bedroom frustrations. Here’s what I mean…

To enjoy 100% strong, hard erections… you need a healthy prostate.

Now, unless you have an issue using the bathroom, you just don’t think about your prostate. But you should.

If you’re over the age of 51, grab a coin and flip it. Because 1 in 2 men will have issues. When you’re 80 or over, it’s a scary 8-out-of-10 possibility. Which isn’t really like a “chance” at all – more like a guarantee.

And your prostate might be the hidden cause of your erection problems.

Fortunately, Dr. Gerhauser’s ahead of the game because he’s been researching this for years. Both as a leading physician… and a man well into his 60s.

Which is why he made sure to include another ingredient in his AndroCore formula. After reviewing the results, Dr. Gerhauser realized every man over 50 needs this unique ingredient…


It ensures your prostate will be able to keep up as you enjoy the best sex of your life

It’s a special combination of two different kinds of flower pollen that specifically helps target your prostate so you can achieve the erections you want.

Clinical tests show there’s a 78% chance you’ll feel relief of your prostate symptoms, achieve a 42% more powerful flow of urine, and a 70% chance you’ll end up COMPLETELY free of discomfort.


The confidence of getting an erection faster than ever… being longer and thicker… and enjoying the look of breathless shock and joy on your partner’s face…

Giving her the night of her life…

And sleeping like a baby, with your gorgeous woman in your arms. Like you were 20 years old again… but still your older, wiser self. Without a single thought about your prostate health.

That’s how the P.R.I.M.E.-Powered AndroCore formula works. And as amazing as that sounds… Dr. Gerhauser still wasn’t done.

Because as long as you’re growing the muscles of a younger man… melting away your extra body fat… restoring your sex drive… and feeling youthful energy all day long…

You might as well finish your age-reversal… and restore the hair on your head

Think that’s impossible, unless there’s a painful procedure involved? Not quite…

Because scientists have found a combination of nutrients called tocotrienols could regrow men’s hair.

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, men who got 100 mg of daily tocotrienols for 8 months grew 35% more hair.

Some grew 50% more hair!

Imagine waking up one morning, sauntering over to your bathroom mirror... and looking up to see new, thick hair on your head. So much that all your "trouble spots" have DISAPPEARED.

It gets better…

Exciting animal research is showing tocotrienols could even get rid of your grey hair and restore your natural color.

Imagine the possibilities for a moment. If you didn’t have a single thread of grey, there’s a very real chance…

You might have gorgeous women that are younger than you by one, two, or even three decades… thinking you’re the same age as them!

Wouldn’t that be better than the alternative? Better than beautiful women ignoring you because they think you’re their dad’s age… or their grandfather’s age?

Forget that!

Because Dr. Gerhauser made sure to include 30 mg of the hair-restoring tocotrienols in his AndroCore formula.

Who knows what kind of adventures you’re going to enjoy…

Especially when you start getting extra attention from all kinds of women.

If you’re married, you might find your wife running her hands through your hair and purring with delight. And if you’re single, watch out

Because you’re going to find women – especially younger womenchecking you out wherever you find yourself. Your favorite restaurant. The grocery store. Don’t be surprised if attractive women start making excuses to talk to you.

Any why wouldn’t they? With your hormones and blood flow restored to youthful levels, your confidence firing on all cylinders, and even your hair looking rugged and sexy…

You’ll be the powerful, masculine man that
young, beautiful women crave…

And you never have to tell them your real age!

You never have to tell anyone about P.R.I.M.E. either. In fact, I suggest you don’t. Most people simply won’t believe you. Even though you returned to your sexual peak in just 10 days. They’ll just think you’re lucky or have 1-in-a-million genetics.

So far, we’ve covered almost everything in AndroCore’s P.R.I.M.E. formula:

Peak hormones…

Restoring your blood flow…

Optimizing the Internal chemistry in your brain…

And total resetting of your Male youthfulness. Now, you might have noticed there’s still one letter left.

The final E stands for Energy. Of course, you’re going to experience 73% more energy just from restoring your hormones.

But Dr. Gerhauser wanted to give you a boost even beyond that…

Which is why he added a final ingredient in his AndroCore formula called Camellia sinensis.

Camellia sinensis root and leaves

It provides an additional energy boost so you can thoroughly enjoy your steamy adventures for as long as you want.

Whether it’s heading to the driving range with a few buddies and blasting your balls 50 yards beyond anything they can hit

Or giving your wife pleasure beyond anything she’s felt before, at home

You’ll soon have complete power in the bedroom

You’ll feel 18 again. But even better this time around

Now, even though the phases in this formula are not cheap to create, we included EVERYTHING to complete the AndroCore P.R.I.M.E. formula.

Okay, we’ve covered a lot here today, so I’ll recap:

After decades of research, Dr. Gerhauser has finally cracked the code on restoring men to their sexual peak in just 10 days.

It’s one of the most amazing scientific breakthroughs of this new century and you’re first in line to try it.

Finally, you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to perform in bed. You don’t have to live another moment with embarrassment or disappointment. You don’t have to come up with excuses for your wife.

Instead, once you reset your body, you will enjoy the best sex of your life now and for decades to come. It’ll be hotter than it’s ever been. The party’s getting started and you can finally join in…

The scientific secret comes down to your hormones, blood flow, and brain chemistry. When they are all optimized at the same time… your sexual peak is restored.

Now it’s decision-time.

This groundbreaking formula is completely unique… and not available anywhere else.

It took Dr. Gerhauser over 30 years of practicing medicine before he was able to assemble all the pieces of P.R.I.M.E…

But now, this advanced formula is finally ready.

Are you sick of feeling frail?

Tired of your joints frustrating you?

Do you want to erase your stress, get more muscle, and enjoy rock-hard, bigger erections in bed… and achieve them twice as fast?

Do you want to feel confident that you could make any women gasp and moan with pleasure?

And never feel too tired to satisfy your wife?

How would you like women to think you’re 10… 20… 30 years younger than you really are?

Is this something you’re satisfied
just fantasizing about, or do you want it
to come true for you in just 10 days?

Are you ready to step aboard this train, before it leaves the station forever?

The fact is, you can’t un-know what you learned today.

Now, you’re standing at a crossroads. You have only 2 paths you can take.

The first path is to do nothing. You can accept that your testosterone has dropped so much through the years that you’re practically half the man you used to be.

You can try to ignore how your erections are barely what they could be, if you had your blood flow back.

In other words, you can continue trudging along the same path you’re on now. You already know how exhausted you are. How you feel like you’re coming up short in the bedroom. You know the embarrassing places this path will take you.

Unless you use P.R.I.M.E. to help reset your body and brain to its sexual peak, you’re just going to disappoint your wife even more.

She may not say anything because she loves you and wants to protect your feelings… but you know what she’s thinking.

Do you want her to keep thinking that?

It sounds awful but, to be honest, this is the path most men will choose. They’ll decide to tuck tail and run from the chance to be an Alpha Male.

Maybe it’s because they’re ready to bury their sex life for good…

Maybe it’s because they’ve given up on their wife…

Or maybe it’s because they feel nervous getting attention from sexy, younger women

Whatever the truth is…

Remember when you were young, and saw senior-aged men hobbling around?

Remember how you swore you’d never be like them?

They didn’t have the opportunity you have now.


Right now, you can get your hands on the
3-Phase AndroCore P.R.I.M.E. breakthrough
to help restore your hormones…

Enhance your blood flow, and optimize your brain chemistry… to biologically reset your body to its sexual peak.

Instead of denying yourself, you can take the other path…

You can make the decision to test out AndroCore.

Couple embracing on a fallen log while hiking in the woods

For a small investment, you get to be that young, strong man again

Like you’ve returned to your 30s… with energy, libido, and the ridiculous bedroom performance to match.

How would it feel to know you can have amazing sex… and give thigh-quivering pleasure… on demand, any day and any time?

With AndroCore, you won’t have to worry about what’s going to happen when you find yourself having a romantic time with your wife…

You won’t have to think of a new excuse or avoid the subject…

And you don’t have to settle for anything less than loud, breathless, never-ending passion!

Once you start using the technology in AndroCore

Your SHBG will shut down, unleashing your testosterone…

Your PDE5 will shut down, unleashing your blood flow…

And your brain’s dopamine will reset so you cannot help but achieve 80% stronger erections in just 10 days and enjoy twice as many per night.

I hope the choice for you is clear. However, if you delay, there’s no guarantee you’ll even be able to get a supply.

Again, AndroCore is not cheap. A breakthrough of this caliber never is.

It includes the best-of-the-best premium formulations. For the first time, science has come together, and these three compounds have joined forces for all 3 phases of P.R.I.M.E.

YOU restore your sexual peak as a result.

There’s nothing else like AndroCore out there

If you’re concerned about the investment to restore your sexual peak, consider this:

AndroCore is still more affordable than “standard treatments” that merely try to slow your aging.

If you hire a personal trainer for just 2 sessions per week, you might end up spending $960. Every single month. And that won’t help you in bed like P.R.I.M.E.

If you get some “work done” for your skin, you’re looking at forking over $15,000. And you’re still not getting the libido-boosting sexual enhancement you get with AndroCore.

Yet you can get AndroCore for a mere fraction of the prices you’ve just heard. For a short period of time, we’re going to give you the same access and pricing Dr. Gerhauser gives his patients here in his Arizona clinic.

With the help of a temporary rebate offer, we’ve broken things down so your sexual-restoring investment is less than purchasing a daily fancy coffee. Here’s how:

A one-month supply of AndroCore is set at $399. Even if it seems high, it’s the bargain of a lifetime…

But that’s not what you have to invest on this page’s special offer.


As part of our initial release of AndroCore,
you’ll get $200 off as an instant rebate

That’s just $199 for a full 1-month supply.

Plus, if you chose a 3 or 6 bottle option, you save up to an additional 45% off the normal price.

Whatever option you’ll choose, as long as you reserve your supply from this page, you’ll see the $200 rebate has already been applied.

And because AndroCore is brand new, we’re offering an additional discount to our first 100 buyers today. When the Add to Cart button appears, simply click to the reservation page to see your extra savings when you secure your supply today.

I understand if this is a bit of a stretch for some. But consider – what is restoring your sexual peak worth to you? You can’t find a formula of this caliber on the discount shelves.

P.R.I.M.E. is going to completely change the minds and bodies of senior men. We’re lucky to even have access to something like this, today.

And not only that, in a moment from now I’ll explain how you can try AndroCore with ZERO risk. More details on that shortly…

With AndroCore, your body’s sexual peak
will be biologically restored

Like you hit the reset button on your genetics.

Imagine enjoying more, better sex in the next 20 years than you did in your previous 20 years…

Where the calendar may say you’re getting older, but the toned muscles and young body in the mirror say you’re getting younger.

This can be your future, as long as you have the 3-phase P.R.I.M.E. formula your body needs to begin the reset process.

Okay, one more thing about Dr. Gerhauser’s AndroCore formula, and I swear, this is it

Earlier, I mentioned there’s an amazing “bonus benefit” to taking this formula. Here it is…

Scientists in Italy recruited volunteers to test P.R.I.M.E.’s Phase 3 compound. The volunteers were up to 85-years-old and – here’s the twist – they all had blurry vision.

First, the scientists gave all the volunteers an eye test. Then, for 90 days… the volunteers took this compound, and then took the exact same eye test again.

And not only did their vision improve… but their sight improved beyond what we thought was biologically possible.

The volunteers who started with blurry vision were able to read two more lines on the eye test

Here’s exactly what that looks like:

eye chart test vision comparisons, blurry on the left and clear on the right

Even though they were up to 85-years-old, they were gifted with younger eyes.

Imagine if this happened for you…

Waking up every morning with clearer and clearer sight…

Until, one day, you realize you can toss your reading glasses in the trash.

Amazing, right? Think of it as yet another fun bonus for resetting your body’s age. After you use it, you might be able to report some exciting changes to us, that we didn’t even cover today.

Okay. It’s almost time for you to reserve your supply. But first – and this is extremely important do NOT take more than the recommended dose.

AndroCore will exert a powerful effect on your hormones. We want to enhance Mother Nature without going ballistic.

Reverse your aging?


Reset your body so you enter and
stay in your sexual prime?


But I caution you not to venture into “unknown territory.”

And with AndroCore’s carefully crafted formula, you won’t need to.

With that said, here’s the complete breakdown of what you’ll receive in this groundbreaking 3-phase solution:

You get 200 mg of Patented P.R.I.M.E. Phase 1 Compound – which is called LJ100 – to help unleash your testosterone, build your muscles, burn your fat, and boost your sex drive 91%

100 mg of P.R.I.M.E. Phase 2 Compound – which is called Kaempferia parviflora – to help unleash your blood flow so you can achieve bigger, stronger erections twice as fast

80 mg of our P.R.I.M.E. Phase 3 Compound – called saffron – which will help optimize your brain chemistry by raising dopamine. Medical studies show just this phase alone could restore your erections, boost your libido 60% in just 10 days, and increase your stamina.

Studies used 200 mg but we’re using a more concentrated version of the key component, which is why we can pack just as much power into 80 mg.

360 mg of G60 Flower Pollen Extract and 18 mg of GFX Flower Pollen Extract for helping improve your urine flow 42%… relieving your prostate symptoms 78%, and soothing away your discomfort.

30 mg of Mixed Tocotrienols to help grow more hair. 80 mg of Camellia sinensis for extra energy.

Plus, with P.R.I.M.E.’s Phase 3 Compound, you could be able to read 2 more lines on an eye chart, even if you’re up to 85 years old.

Dr. Gerhauser worked with his team at Solaire Nutraceuticals to carefully combine this complete 3-phase P.R.I.M.E. formula into a single, convenient capsule.

Now, with AndroCore’s unrivaled 3-phase P.R.I.M.E. formula…

husband surprises wife with long stem rose and a kiss

You could reset your body to its sexual peak in 10 days, and enjoy your younger, more powerful sex drive and performance for decades to come.

But there is one thing…

The only way to get this exclusive formula is right here, right now.

Please understand, this biological sexual-restoring combination doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Before Dr. Gerhauser decided to release his formula, your only chance to get it was if you were a patient at his Arizona clinic.

Today, however, for the first timeyou can get it delivered straight to your door.

As you’ve learned, P.R.I.M.E. is a breakthrough for the male body. It resolves everything frustrating you today… by helping biologically reset you to your sexual peak.

It’s completely unique and unrivaled.

Because it resets your body to its sexual peak, you feel the benefits in virtually every single system and organ.

It’s verified by science and your sexual reset could take place in just 10 days

That’s how Dr. Gerhauser’s breakthrough 3-phase P.R.I.M.E. AndroCore formula works.

And it will work for you.

Yes, even if you’ve tried “enhancers” for your sexual performance and they failed you. This is completely different and new.

AndroCore is not even in the same category. NOTHING will reset you to your sexual peak at the biological level like AndroCore will.

Like all my Solaire Nutraceutical formulas, AndroCore is created in a certified facility right here in the United States. And it’s also non-GMO.

AndroCore is absolutely top-notch, with the perfect levels of these rare P.R.I.M.E. compounds to ensure you reset to your sexual peak in just 10 days

In addition, taking AndroCore is easy – just 2 tiny capsules with breakfast.

When the formula enters your system, you’ll start unleashing your testosterone and your blood flow IMMEDIATELY to restore your sex drive and performance. It will happen just as you’ve learned about in this presentation.

It’s the exact formula your testosterone needs to spike upwards again…

So you can stop feeling tired, weak, like half a man… and start feeling like a superman instead.

Now that you’ve been presented with your choice, it’s time for you to make the courageous decision…

When you decide to step forward and try this, very soon, you’ll get what I like to call “the best night of your life”.

It could be when you surprise your wife with an evening at her favorite restaurant…

And give her an even bigger surprise that evening, when you satisfy her with your longer, thicker, harder erection…

As you last 3 times longer in bed.

Or it could be when the younger lady at the checkout counter happens to include her phone number on your receipt…

And starts texting you that same evening, asking if you can come over to visit.

Or it could be something as simple as taking off your shirt before you step into your evening shower…

And see your arms are getting bigger.

Then… you glance behind your younger-looking body in the mirror and discover you’re not the only one that’s noticed.

After your wife gives you an admiring once-over, you just might have to celebrate by pulling your wife into your shower with you!

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With your higher testosterone, you’ll have the masculine energy to live like a young man again – hunting, hiking, going out with friends, and literally feeling younger the entire time…

Healthy and fit senior man hiking in the mountains

Because your joint health and sleep will be better too.

You can work on your car or even build the new deck out back like you’ve always wanted, knowing full well you can haul the lumber yourself with your bigger, stronger muscles.

Who knows…

Maybe some of the younger ladies in the neighborhood will sneak admiring peeks of you as you work

Your wife certainly will. Which is why she’ll be all too willing to please you in ways you’ve always craved in bed. It’ll be her way of expressing deep, deep gratitude for you.

Don’t be surprised when your wife starts cooking your favorite meals, letting you have more fun alone-time…

And definitely don’t be surprised if she starts dressing a little sexier, exercising and watching her figure so she turns you on – and just to keep up with you!

Actually, that brings up a warning Dr. Gerhauser tells his patients, and he’s only half-joking when he does:

When your body biologically resets to its sexual peak, your marriage will be better than ever

Like a perpetual honeymoon…

But you might find a little friction develop between you and your friends.

After all, when they start complaining about how tired they are… or how much their joints hurt and how little sleep they’re getting…

There’s no way you can tell them you didn’t sleep much last night either…

Because you spent half the night making your wife practically scream with orgasmic joy.

Nobody will be able to understand the change you go through. Keep your sex life private.

When your friends remark on your more muscular body, just tell them you’ve been working out. If they ask about your hair looking different, just say it must be the way you combed it. Then, change the subject as fast as you can.

They simply won’t get it. But you will.

It’ll be important for you to keep in mind…

All the men around you will continue growing old, frail, and weak… but you’ve taken a different path… where you get to enjoy the body of your younger self – forever.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. You’ve seen the confirmed scientific evidence backing P.R.I.M.E. If you still have doubts, it’s not about the science – it’s about yourself.

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Once your testosterone is fully unleashed, you’ll enjoy fully-hard erections. And triple the stamina in bed.

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You’ll sleep like a log every night. And stride through your day with more energy than you know what to do with… even though you’re burning through plenty of energy in the bedroom

Plus, every time you’re near a mirror, you’ll get a fun reminder that your muscles are growing more toned, as if you were lifting weights every morning. But you’re not.

As you start seeing your youthful hairline return and realize you don’t reach for your reading glasses anymore… you’ll shake your head and realize everything you learned about today came true.

If for any reason, you aren’t 100% satisfied with your restored sexual peak, simply give us a call or send us an email and we’ll give you back every penny, no questions asked.

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